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3. Mengabdikah di BUMN? Lebih Sulitkah? - Mengabdikah in SOEs? More Difficult?

Mengabdikah in SOEs? More Difficult?
National Journal | Monday, 5 Dec 2011
By Dahlan IskanMinister for SOEsREALLY become executives in SOEs are more difficult than in private? Is it true that the directors in the company the country's more to eat liver? More tortured? More confined to the bureaucracy? More twisted rules? Over there is no hope?He replied: I do not know.There has been no scientific research. That there is then a rumor. Perception. The presumption.What if reversed: it not possible that assumption is just a reflection of the adage "the grass is greener on the page? 'Or even more negative again: as a scapegoat? That is a scapegoat for the justification of the failure? Or a scapegoat for a disability?To be more fair, you should also hear the voices from the private sector executive.They certainly could have much to tell. For example the story of how stressful it reach targets of the company owners. On the side is clearly an executive in private is much more difficult. A private executive who can not hit the target directly in front of his sentence: dismissed. Even if more bad luck, the owner of a company facing a dirty mouth of a private executive's like the inhabitants of the zoo.In the state the consequences of not achieving the target does not exist. Minister representing the owners of at least SOE will never berate executives in public.What about the image of a high interference in SOEs? This too seems to also only a scapegoat. In the private owners of interference from much deeper.Say directors of state enterprises often complain of the House was called as one form of intervention. But, I see, the call by the House was not to have weighed the consequences of calling by the owners of private companies. Moreover, the House of Representatives Commission VI who heads a state is proportional. Not a lot of strange things. Even one member of parliament in situ, Mumtaz Amin Rais, was like a member of parliament from England. If you ask a very short, dense and straight to the point. Less than a minute. Other members are also nothing to blaspheme without good reason. Clearly the intervention of private company owners far more profound.In the private sector also often found this fact: many owners of private companies who wants weird. Dictatorship they are also amazing! Very ordinary private company owners to impose its will. Thus, stories about the intervention of the owner, about the imposition of the will, and about the dictatorship of the private owner is much larger than in SOEs.What about the corporate climate? Actually, also the same. Just different nuances. Is not your private well is often squeezed by the magnitude of the dominance of the owner's family - especially if the owners finally had a son and daughter grow up and produce daughters-in-law?Thus not strong enough also the reason that an executive at state-owned enterprises is more difficult because less supportive corporate climate.How about political interference? It was thought very prominent political interference in SOEs. This, too, I doubt it. I see the hand that's more because it was invited by the executives themselves. In the private sector will also now contracted the disease. With so many owners of private companies to enter politics then maybe the hassles executives in private sector also will increase steadily. Do not you dizzy become owners of private executive ambition to enter politics?So I suspect the people who frequent blowing of discourse that became executives in SOEs are difficult are the ones who basically does not work. In this world of reasons, excuses, scapegoats and the like are too easy to find. People are often advised his superiors but failed in his job, he would likely reasonable "interfered too much anyway! '. Conversely, people who were given full trust but also failed she would have said "never look the hell! '.So in the end the actual return to Who is he! If you say to the directors in SOEs is difficult and work in the private sector was too difficult, then where dong working that good? Which is not difficult? Which does not bother? That does not stress? A big salary? Which facilities are good? Which could extravagance? Which can be arbitrarily?I can not answer that. The most appropriate answer is the person who lives a higher level than me. Not Rhenald Kasali or Tanri Abeng or Hermawan Kartajaya. Not Peter Drucker nor Jack Welch. The most appropriate answer to that question is a person who no longer enjoy his sleep yangpulas on Monday at 10.00 am under the railway bridge just repose Manggarai with cardboard. He is as good-delicious people. Freely humans. No debt thinkers, thinkers no targets, no responsibility thinkers. People like it was he who might actually be surprised to see people who are busy!My point: then stop complaining!I mean: stick with determination! Want to be directors of state enterprises or want in private. Or want to, he he, chose to live the most delicious!My point: if the option had been dropped we stay focused on that option. Whole-heartedly. There is no other thought except work, work, work!Rather than continue to complain, stop working. There are still many others who want to work. There are still many others who can show progress without complaining!Look at the board's state-owned banks. They are so advanced. In no way inferior to the directors of private banks. Whereas directors of state-owned banks were sandwiched between state bureaucratic rules and regulations are stricter than the central bank. Where there are directors who are so tightly controlled from the two departments as well as directors of the bank exceeds the SOEs? The proof of our state-owned banks remarkable.Look at the election marketeer of the year is already five years carried out by Marks Plus his Kartajaya Hermawan. Four consecutive years is a marketer of the yearnya SOE directors! The new private sector is the one time! The marketer of the year award from the state that is the type of people who are not good at complaining! They are the type of people who work, work, work!Look at the three CEOs of SOEs last week was selected as CEO of Enterprises of the Year: RJ Lino (Managing Director of IPCs-2), Tommy Soetomo (CEO Angkasapura-1) and Ignatius Jonan (Managing Director of Indonesian Railways). They are the ones who continue to work hard, sighing. They continue to produce achievements from the sidelines pinching bureaucracy and regulation. Even one of the three men continued to work hard while holding the pain is severe.See also the directors of SOEs that night to win the various categories of innovation in SOEs. They are powerful people who want to serve in the state.Sorry, this is probably the last time I used the word "serve in SOEs'. After this I want to delete the term "serve" it. The term "served in SOEs' nothing more than a hypocrisy. There is always a catch behind the term "serving at the state-owned 'it. Any party who uttered the word "serve in SOEs' surely there is not that he wants to convey. Lots of former state officials who want to continue to have a home office on the grounds already tens of years of service in the state. Too many people who use the term SOE devoted to the hidden purposes. Perhaps it was about time SOE no longer a place to serve, in a sense like that. Unless they really want to work hard in the state without salary! It's time to state just as a place to make achievements.

2. Neraka dari "Manajemen Musyrik" - Hell of "Management polytheists"

Neraka dari "Manajemen Musyrik" - Online Article (Bahasa)

Hell of "Management polytheists"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dahlan Iskan
Minister for SOEs

PT IKI Makassar ditto ditto. It's been two years of the largest shipbuilding companies in Eastern Indonesia is unable to pay salaries of employees. The company is falling when it received an order making a modern fishing vessel some 40 pieces but the government canceled in the middle of the road. Now the 14 vessels already fish mubadzir so it floats away. It has been over 10 years of modern ships were lined up unemployed. These materials are not yet finished the ship had already become scrap metal and scattered across the region meet the shipyard. Production equipment also had been unemployed for years. One of them could make anyone drool: crane 150 tons! Doc orders Shipping Surabaya so much and it just got busy largest crane 50 tons!First, about 15 years ago, I never criticize the government in this field. I am writing in the media, why are we so ugly industrial engineering fate. Why do we import machinery trillions every year, but the engineering industry in the country displaced weight. Even the leaders of the caliber of BJ Habibie had not got over it. Even then, I'd imagine it would be great if all the potential of Indonesia put together in a coordinated whole. If there is unity in it, we can produce any factory, any equipment, and any vehicle. Power plants, refineries, mills, aircraft, ships, trains, motorcycles, cars and especially bikes, everything can be made domestically.As someone who was then frequently visited factories of its kind in China, I always complain: it would be more modern equipment owned our factories than the factories that I visited it. Equipment owned PT Bharata, for example, far more modern than what I saw in China at that time. Experts from the European aircraft equipment modernya admire in PT Dirgantara Indonesia.Now, in my new position, I can no longer just criticize. Responsibility is now heaped on my shoulders. I must not forget that I ever criticize the government. I am not looking for a scapegoat to avoid responsibility. Of course I also realize that I am not a genius like Mr. Habibie. I only rely on the result of manufacturing hope.Not easy to companies that have experienced a long decline that can bounce back. Therefore I must appreciate and commend the efforts of management Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) lately. It was, for this field, DI will rise first. Many thanks to the seriousness of President Yudhoyono has instructed that all procurement carried out military purposes in the country. Except for class equipment Leopard tanks, Apache helicopters or submarines that are not yet able to make your own. Block 52 classmates fighter too, the President's determination was emphatic that must be produced in the country although they had to cooperate with outside parties. Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro also very serious in controlling the implementation of the presidential instruction.Then the DI seem immediately orders yet. Activities of short, medium, and long has been arranged. In this short time, until two years into the future, his work is very much: CN 295 makes military aircraft in large numbers. This Order will become a sustainable medium-term program for PT DI also once given the right agency for the Asia Pacific region. Moderate long-term PT DI to produce the equivalent of a block 52 aircraft in cooperation with South Korea.The existence of a firm policy of President SBY, fostering a strong commitment from the ministry of defense, personnel capabilities superior DI (proved one part of the Airbus 380 aircraft wing is handsome and attractive it was always produced at the PT DI), and management focus in serving the purposes of the ministry defense is the key to the emerging aircraft industry PT DI.President SBY's instructions also apply to PT Pindad. Then the resurrection will occur similar to PT Pindad. Hopefully also in PT Dahana. Then there is no other way for PT PAL to follow in the footsteps of PT DI. If only the focus of PT PAL serves the purposes of manufacture and maintenance of military ships would be better fate. Moreover, the budget for military equipment are now getting bigger. Absorb as much as possible the military budget alone would be able to support. Provided services to military purposes it is very satisfying: quality and time resolution.Forget the old working on merchant ships that were detrimental to PAL so great. Forget working on other businesses, let alone to be the EPC contractor as done so far. All of it is just annoying and ruined the mood management kefokusan psychotherapy PAL own ranks. There is scientific reason to do much about it. For example to make use of idle capacity. But the temptation to take advantage of idle capacity that could make people not in focus. In the language of religion "not focus" means "not to esakan". "Not to esakan" means "not bertauhid". "No bertauhid" means "idolatrous". Utilize idle capacity on the one hand very scientific, on the other hand it could also mean the temptation to focus. I often termed "idolatrous temptation to do". Yet the Pagans were in hell. Hell is the company's negative cash flow, loss and eventually went bankrupt.Even if the future was the focus of PT PAL pursue military purposes but still a loss, the state will not be too sorry. But PAL losses due to foreign commercial vessels worked very painful. Especially if the loss is borne by the state. Loss to strengthen our military can still be regarded as a service to the state. But losses due to foreign merchant ships working and then ask for money to the country simply could not understand.Only to people who can focus me a lot of hope. Only in the hands of leaders who focus SOEs could rise.

In this sequence, including Makassar IKI shipping dock, Dock Marine Boating Koja Jakarta, and similar industries which became a subsidiary of state-owned enterprises such as PLN's production services and workshop in the other state. Some of them even very, very badly. PT PAL, for example, red has been too long in the scale of losses that trillions of dollars.
Manufacturing hope seems to also be more widely produced for the engineering industry. Indonesian Aerospace (aircraft manufacturing), PT PAL Surabaya (shipbuilding), PT Bharata Surabaya (machines), PT Boma Bisma Indra Surabaya-Pasuruan (machines), PT INKA (manufacture of railway), and many more industrial types of It really needs it. All state-owned enterprises in this field is not playing hard. The difficulty that has lasted so long.
Of course, while waiting for the new, existing airports should still be noted. Perhaps it does not need to waste too much money for something that in the next two years will be dismantled. But without making the existing airport is better, people will lose hope that the new airport will eventually experience the same fate unkempt. That is why, special Soekarno-Hatta Angkasapura II management will conduct a public perception survey to be conducted by survey institute a credible and independent.
Pun, PT Angkasapura II, which manages Soekarno-Hatta airport must also hope that helps manufacturing. The trick helped pair the new airport Ngurah Rai maket at Soekarno-Hatta airport locations. Even new models Cengkareng airport itself must also be more attractive displayed at Soekarno-Hatta.
Facing issues such stress only hope was the one who could in-manufacture! Because it is displaying a model of the new airport was big in the waiting room or in other strategic places to be important. I hope the passengers who grumble-grumble that the new airport could see a more spacious and more beautiful. Attention passengers need not to be stolen again always feel sumpeknya present circumstances, but rather invited to feel the dream of a new future that's coming soon.
Means during the next two years of complaints from the public will still be very loudness. Even the complaint that will increase steadily as in the same location will be many busy projects. Loading and unloading it here. Moved there to move here. Building a new terminal at the location of the terminal which is still used must be very busy. Better build a new terminal at the new location altogether.
Without conducting any survey everyone already knows how not satisfy this Ngurah Rai airport. All those nagging, criticizing and berating crowded, intricately, and poor. This airport is not able to bear the burden of the already 4 times greater than its capacity. Indeed, PT Angkasapura I, companies that manage airports have begun to build a new terminal. But the new terminal will be completed most rapidly just two years away.
Manufacturing hope would also be made to our airports. In addition to find a way out for hotels in Bali, during the Asean Summit I also visited the fishing port of Benoa, to see state-owned assets that are not productive in Bali and invited to look at Ngurah Rai airport projects new.